martes, octubre 16, 2012

Sounds and Colours Presents Colombia

Sounds and Colours Presents Colombia is a new 198-page book and CD from Sounds and Colours focusing on the music and culture of Colombia.
Keen to banish existing stereotypes, this collectable book and accompanying CD takes a fresh look at the country’s music and culture, with articles on established genres like cumbia and vallenato, lesser-known folk rhythms and traditions, while also delving into the current music scene and the ways in which Colombian music has influenced artists worldwide. There are also features on Colombian cinema, indigenous culture, Colombian art, Barranquilla Carnival, social issues in Colombia, and lots more. Just see the contents below to get a true flavour of what the book is about.

Arts & Books

  • Ornament and Crime by Humberto Junca Casas
  • A Gabriel Garcia Marquez Reader by Gina Vergel
  • William S Burroughs’ Yage Letters by Leslie Wylie
  • Neckeyenosebreaking: The Life and Work of Andrés Caicedo by José Sandoval Zapata
  • Populardelujo: The Taste of Others by Jose Roca
  • Hector Abad’s Colombian Tragedy by Ed Hart